AAPT Spring Meeting

Friday, March 30
Saturday, March 31


Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley


Local Host: Andi Erzberger


Call for Papers

We solicit contributed papers of 15 to 30 minutes in length. Suitable topics include teaching ideas, research projects, laboratory techniques, novel demonstrations, computers and instruction. Please send an abstract of your talk, with title, your name and affiliation, AV and equipment requests, and other requirements to the Program Chairman: Paul Robinson, 424 Quartz Street, Redwood City, CA 94062, phone (650) 369-1813, or preferably via email: laserpablo@aol.com. Deadline for submission is Saturday, February 24, 2001. However, papers which arrive earlier than the deadline will get preferential treatment.


Friday Workshops

Teachers are welcome to contact our President, Dan Burns, for a letter ofsupport to assist them obtaining funds and release time to attend this conference.

"New Teacher Workshop" (10 - 4 PM)

This is the first time we've offered this popular workshop on Friday afternoon (instead of Saturday afternoon) so participants don't have to miss out on the contributed papers. This workshop will include a make-and-take ramp displayed and demonstrated at previous AAPT meetings for the "Bull's Eye" experiment. If there are insufficient signups for Friday, we will revert to our previous Saturday format. It is intended for teachers who are either new to teaching physics and/or those who have been at it for a while but still feel like they're new! All new teachers will be networked with experienced teachers. The workshop includes valuable teaching tips, goodie bags, raffles where everyone wins, question and answer panels, popcorn, and more! Interested participants should email Paul Robinson at laserpablo@aol.com to register or for more information. The $30 fee for this workshop covers the costs of the ramp.


"Computer/Calculator Interfacing in the Lab" (9-3 PM)

Clarence Bakken and Mike Ugawa will offer a Computer/Calculator Interfacing Workshop that will feature hands-on work with the new LabPro from Vernier Software and CBL2 from Texas Instruments. Gain hands-on experience with computer and calculator interfaces in both familiar and new labs. Learn how powerful this technique can be to investigate physical laws. This workshop is offered by two of our Physics Teacher Resource Agents (PTRA), and there is a small fee. The fee covers materials and any extra goes to support the PTRA program nationally and locally. If your school pays directly, the cost is $30, check payable to AAPT. If you pay yourself, the cost is $12, again check payable to AAPT. To sign up or for more information, email Clarence at cbakken@pausd.palo-alto.ca.us.


Friday Evening Social


Call for Demonstrations

Bring your favorite 5-minute demonstration for the popular "Show 'n' Tell". Handouts describing your demonstration are encouraged.

Dues and Don'ts

Section dues are $10 per year, due each Fall. If you cannot attend the meeting, remain an active member which will ensure you’ll receive all our mailings by sending dues to our treasurer Dennis Buckley, Liberty High School, 850 Second St., Brentwood, CA 94513. The registration fee for the Fall meeting is $10, payable at the door. First-timers are free!

Upcoming Events

2001 Summer Meeting, AAPT, July 21-25, 2001, Rochester, New York

2002 Winter Meeting, AAPT, January 19-23, 2002, Philadephia, PA

Posted 2/1/2001

The program information will be posted as soon as details are known. Check back at this web site to stay current and to see the emerging and exciting program planned for this year's spring meeting.