Spring 2001 MEETING

Friday, March 30 & Saturday, March 31

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley

The section would like to thank Andria Erzberger for her tireless hours and energy in making the numerous arrangements that made this meeting possible and a great success. Thanks, Andi!

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2001


"New Teacher Workshop"
Presented by Paul Robinson, Lonnie Grimes, and Dean Baird

"Computer/Calculator Interfacing in the Lab"

Presented by Clarence Bakken and Mike Ugawa, area PTRA's.

"ABCs of Nuclear Physics"

Presented by Howard Matis and Peggy Norris, Nuclear Science Division, LBNL.

"Cosmic Connection"

Hands-on activities using detectors to measure star dust and particles coming from the sun. Participants will also measure antimatter in a detector that you can use in their classroom.


The National Center for Electron Microscopy

The 88-Inch Cyclotron

The Advanced Light Source (ALS)

Electrochromic windows



Reception and Featured Speaker

"Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole"

Robert Stokstad, Head of the Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics, LBNL



Welcome and Announcements

Show & Tell

  1. Tom Leier, Earthquake Project - Report on the Earthquake Project
  2. Roger Moorehouse, Cal Poly Pomona - Ming Dynasty Wash Basin Physics
  3. Bruce Ratcliffe, Edison HS - Sound & Bernoulli
  4. Don Rathjen, Exploratorium - String Machine
  5. Peggy McMann, LBNL - Increasing diversity in the scientific workplace
  6. Dave Wall, City College San Francisco fizziker.com - Rope Tricks - will offer a Physics of Magic workshop at the next meeting
  7. Dan Burns, Los Gatos HS - Bathroom scales - digital scales to voltage - wants help
  8. Mary Waldorf, CSU Chico - Ball & cup
  9. Mike Ugawa, St. Ignatius - Job available at St. Ignatius - physics teachers
  10. Rollie Otto, LBL - Work at LBL on the current energy situation - Environmental energies division - April 12 session on California Energy Crisis, also another session in May
  11. Lee Amosslee, Berkeley HS - web site with labs he does that get kids out of the classroom.

Invited Talk 1

"Exploring the Universe"
George Smoot, Group Leader of CMB, LBNL

We use light to understand the early and middle ages of the universe - what it is made of and how it is evolving. Cosmic microwave background radiation shows how galaxies and other structures could form, and supernovae give evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Cosmic Microwave Background, http://aether.lbl.gov/

Wrinkles In Time, George Smoot and Keay Davldson. William Morrow & Co. COBE: http://aether.gov/www/projects/cobe

Max, Maxima, and Boomerang: http://aether.gov/www/projects/max

Invited Talk 2

"ATLAS, a Particle Detector at the Energy Frontier"
M. G. (Gil) Gilchiese, Group Leader of ATLAS, LBNL

The ATLAS particle physics experiment is the largest collaboration ever. It will study proton-proton interactions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN, starting in 2005. The primary purpose will be studies of the origin of mass, that is the search for Higgs. It will also be used for studies of top quark decays and supersymmetry searches. ATLAS: http://www-atlas.lbl.gov/, http://pdg.lbl.gov/atlas/atlas.html

Raffle/Business Meeting

Election of Officers:
Secretary - Paul Peter Urone, CSU Sacramento

Section Representative - Paul Robinson, San Mateo High School

Next Meeting: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey

Discussion of recognizing emeritus members. To be discussed at summer officer meeting.

Request to post an area on the web site where people could post questions they would like to discuss or hear a presentation on. Check the main page for this

Raffle. Lots of big winners. No money changed hands!



"Depleted Uranium: Activity and Dose Calculations"

Paul Peter Urone, California State University, Sacramento

"Calculus-based Introductory Mechanics"

Mary Murphy-Waldorf, Department of Physics CSUC,

"So you thought a glass thermometer measured temperature?"

Phil Gash, Physics Department, CSUC

"The Shaken Soda Syndrome"

David Kagan, Department of Physics CSUC

"Illustrating Elementary Physics with Three Dimensional, Ray Traced Computer Graphics"

Tom Bensky, CSU Hayward Physics Dept.

"When Do Bubbles Cause a Floating Body to Sink?"

Bruce Denardo, Department of Physics, Naval Postgraduate School denardo@physics.nps.navy.mil

Particle Physics Opportunities"

Andria Erzberger, LBNL


2001 Summer Meeting AAPT
July 21-25, 2001
Rochester, NY

2001 Fall Meeting, NCNAAPT

Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey
October 26-27th

2002 Winter Meeting AAPT

January 2002
Philadelphia, PA

2002 Joint Meeting, NCNAAPT & SCAAPT

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Spring, 2002

Posted 4/1/2001