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Officers’ duties

Draft January 2013

Current page can be seen here.

The officers will provide ideas that help promote physics education at all levels or instruction, elementary through post-graduate studies.

Duties of the President

  1. Provide leadership and direction for the Section as a whole.
  2. Coordinate efforts with fellow officers and the local hosts to organize, direct, and develop themes for the meetings.
  3. Coordinate meetings and efforts with the Southern California Section and attempt to attend all meetings of both Sections.
  4. Distribute student certificates of achievement to members upon request.
  5. Cite members and others within the Section for outstanding service or achievement.
  6. Maintain records with the Section Historian and keep the Program File up to date.
  7. Generate a list of current and immediate past officers that has both their home and school addresses and phone numbers to be circulated to current officers by June 1.

Duties of the President-Elect

  1. Organize the registration procedures at and before the meetings in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  2. Write a summary of each Section meeting, including names and topics of invited and contributed papers, and submit it to the AAPT Announcer before the deadline for publication.
  3. Provide a slate of officers for consideration by the Section members at the Spring meeting.
  4. Prepare minutes of the Summer officers’ meeting and distribute them to all officers.
  5. Work with the Section Representatives to send Section news to the AAPT Announcer, to CSTA, and to NSTA.

Duties of the Vice-President for High Schools

  1. Develop ways and means of serving the needs of high school teachers.
  2. Provide methods for contacting and encouraging high school teachers to become active in the Section.
  3. Help registration at Section meetings in conjunction with the President-Elect and Treasurer.
  4. Serve as liaison between high school teachers and their college/university colleagues.

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Maintain the financial record of the Section.
  2. Disburse funds as needed to cover the expenses of the officers in conjunction with the meetings.
  3. Maintain records of membership and update the mailing lists.
  4. Provide name tags, receipts, tickets, and other materials needed for registration at the meetings.
  5. Help registration at Section meetings in conjunction with the President-Elect and Vice-President for High Schools. Supervise any students helpers at registration.
  6. Advise the officers of the financial condition of the Section. Periodically review the registration and membership fee structure and make recommendations.

Duties of the Section Representative

  1. Attend meetings of the National AAPT and make a report of these meetings to the officers and the Section members.
  2. Provide a display of AAPT publications and audio-visual materials at the Section meetings.
  3. Suggest activities that will help the Section promote physics teaching.
  4. Assist the Historian in maintaining records of the activities of the Section.5. [8/97] Be responsible for communication between the section and the national organization.
  5. Work with President Elect to send Section news to the AAPT Announcer, to CSTA, and to NSTA.

Duties of the Historian

  1. Maintain records of the activities of the Sections including a file of all programs,announcements and certificates. Coordinate this effort with the Section Representative.
  2. Recommend individuals for recognition of outstanding service.
  3. Provide information for Section histories and special events.

Duties of the Secretary

  1. Share duties with the Program Chairman for planning and organizing the Section meetings/conferences.
  2. Record decisions of the Section.
  3. Record minutes of Officers’ meetings
  4. Record notes/minutes of Section meetings/conferences.

Duties of the Program Chairman

  1. Share duties with the Secretary for planning and organizing the Section meetings/conferences.