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Aerospace Museum of California

Aerospace Museum of California
McClellan, CA 95652

$6 admission for students, $8 for adults (not sure about group rates)

Physics topics covered: Forces, aerodynamics.

They have a great collection of engines, many with cutaways so students can see the inner workings of piston and jet engines. Working model of control surfaces.

From their web site:

One of the primary missions of the Aerospace Museum of California is to provide educational opportunities to the youth of the greater Sacramento area. We offer several education programs and capabilities, including:

  • Aerospace Learning Center – A state-of-the-art experience with new technologies that excite students about aviation, science and math. Over 4,500 students have been hosted in 18 months.
  • Teachers’ Resource Center & Aviation Library – Internet connectivity to NASA, JPL, and others.
  • Most Recent Workshop – “Space Flight: A Human Perspective” with Astronaut Kathryn Thompson.
  • Summer Camps- We conduct summer camps each year. Last year we conducted 4 summer camps for 120 students.