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iFly SF Bay

iFly SF Bay’s Educational Science Program covers physics topics like gravitational and drag forces, terminal velocity, independence of horizontal and vertical motion, mass flow rate, Bernoulli’s Principle, work and energy, and stability. We apply these topics directly to the operation of our $8.5 million vertical wind tunnel and to the emerging sport of indoor skydiving.


Your students will have the opportunity to tour the facility in order to get an up close look at its engineering and the science at work in its operation, to conduct various experiments in the flight chamber, and to try body flight out for themselves!  Soon to come:  Worksheets and activities to be used in the classroom before and after your trip to iFly!

Please visit our educational program webpage at for more information.

To book a group for the program or to ask any questions, please contact me at anytime:
Cailin Creighton
Program Director
510-709-7533 (mobile)