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American Association of Physics Teachers

Our “Parent” organization: Check this page out. A good deal of effort has gone into making it a central source of information and ideas for physics teachers everywhere. A new section on the AAPT web site is the Physical Sciences Resource Center. New and old ideas of value to teachers in planning their curriculum or their demonstrations are found here. A newly developing project on the AAPT website, ComPADRE will contain a growing wide range of electronic resources of value to physics teachers. There is also a job posting board for people seeking physics teaching jobs and schools with job openings. This is a growing part of the AAPT website.

AAPT Sections near Northern California/Nevada

Southern California AAPT

The section of AAPT which serves the southern part of the state, from San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield to the Mexican border.

Oregon AAPT

Southern Nevada AAPT

Southern Nevada Section, focusing on Las Vegas area.

Idaho/Utah AAPT

American Institute of Physics

Dedicated to the advancement of physics, AIP serves a federation of physical science societies, and provides leadership through its own programs and publications


NCNAAPT’s New Teacher Workshop crew has put up a new website especially to support the teachers new to teaching high school or college physics. Check it out, even if you’re a veteran!

Physics at Sonoma State

This super site has a number of different sections which give links to useful pages on different topics. It is highly recommended for browsing.

The Book of Phyz

Our own Dean Baird has put much of his high school physics curriculum online for his students and other physics teachers. Don’t miss it.

Physics Day at Great America

A set of pages describing Physics/Science/Math Days at Great America in Santa Clara, CA. The dates for 2004 are listed, along with some hints and tips for teachers planning to attend Physics Day with their students.

Livermore Unit National Association of Rocketry

LUNAR is Section #534 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We are about 300 model rocketry enthusiasts of all ages who gather together to learn rocketry, teach rocketry, exchange modeling techniques, and , of course, fly model and high-power rockets

Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online

Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online is dedicated to investigating and documenting significant issues and challenges in the education of physics teacher candidates. With a focus on the scholarship of teaching, the journal seeks to generate discussion and promulgate sustainable, long-term changes in educational research, policy and practice.

Modeling Instruction Program

Through intensive three-week workshops, the Modeling program cultivates physics teachers as school experts on effective use of guided inquiry in science teaching, thereby providing schools and school districts with a valuable resource for broader reform. Program goals are fully aligned with National Science Education Standards. The Modeling Method corrects many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and persistence of naïve beliefs about the physical world.

Last updated July 19, 2010

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