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NCN AAPT Constitution

[emphasis added below does not appear in the original document, it is added to help in searching the document.]


The name of this organization shall be The Northern California/Nevada Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.


The purpose of this organization is to effect communication between physics teachers within the area approximately connoted by the term Northern California and Nevada, to the end that their professional work may be made more effective and agreeable.


Membership in the Association is open to all persons who are disposed to pay its dues, and membership becomes effective for a given year upon receipt of dues by the Treasurer. Dues are normally paid at or before the Fall Meeting for the year beginning July 1. Emeritus members enjoy full privileges of the Association without paying annual dues.


The membership and administrative year of the association shall commence on the first day of July.


The Association shall be administered by its President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice-President for High Schools, Vice President for Colleges and Universities, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chair, Historian, and Section Representative. These officers shall be selected from the membership by an election conducted at the Annual Meeting prescribed below. The term of each office shall be one year, starting on the first day of July following election. There shall be no restriction concerning the number of consecutive terms of office permitted to an individual officer. The duties of the officers shall be in general those implied by their titles. The officers shall jointly be responsible for handling the finances, correspondence, and external relations of the Association. They shall make all arrangements for meetings of the Association except such as may be delegated by action of the officers or of the membership. The officers shall exercise wide liberties of action in their service to the Association, but they shall be subject to such instruction and restriction as the membership may impose through action at the Annual Meeting.


The Association shall hold such meetings as its members desire or its officers see fit to promulgate. These shall include a spring meeting known as the Annual Meeting. It shall be the custom of the association to hold one meeting in the Bay Area and one meeting outside the Bay Area. The Association shall also attempt to hold joint meetings with the Southern California Section once every two years. The program of each Annual Meeting shall include joint or separate reports from the officers, election of officers for the ensuing year. The current group of officers shall act as the nominating committee for future officers. Nominations may also be taken from the general membership. A Business Meeting may also be held at the Fall Meeting if the Officers choose to do so. The transaction of Association of those present and voting at any meeting containing at least a quorum shall be determinative in all matters of business. A quorum requires the presence of ten or more paid-up members.


Annual dues will be set by majority vote at the Annual Meeting. In addition to annual dues, a Registration Fee may be assessed to defray the anticipated costs of meetings and the expenses of operating the Association.


This Constitution may be amended or extended by the will of two-thirds of those members present and voting at any Business Meeting.

This Constitution was adopted at the second meeting of the NCAPT, held at Stanford University on May 26, 1956, and amended on April 9, 2005.

(As amended in Spring 2005. This is the current version. Here is the previous version.)