Share ‘n Tell Spring 2014 meeting

Below are notes (pictures are available here) of those that shared this morning. Any additions or corrections can be emailed to

John Boyu, iFly

John shared the iFly website for educators and discussed the field trip opportunities. There is a Teacher open house on May 27th for teachers.

Alan Gould, UC Berkeley

Alan shared a model of Kepler Spacecraft and system using a Vernier light sensor called a Kepler Orerry. Alan is offering a few models of the Kepler system for the raffle. Students will be able to register dips in the light intensity when the planets pass between the “sun” and the light sensor. [link to his paper to come]

Don Rathjen, Exploratorium Teacher Institute

Don shared the Hyperbolic Slot snack and discussed different resources that the Exploratorium Teachers Institute offers. There have been several publications including the Exploratorium Snackbook and Square Wheels. Don has many, many materials available on his webpage under Activities.

Bree Barnett Dreyfuss, Amador Valley High School

Bree shared a distracted driving awareness Common Core and NGSS aligned learning activity. All articles and handouts are available on her website under today’s date.

 Dan Burns, Los Gatos High School

Dan shared his experiences using a GoPro Camera in his classroom. Dan shared sample videos including demonstrating centripetal motion, refraction and conservation of motion. He hopes to share the videos on his website here. Click on the GoPro.pptx and GoproDemo.mp4 links to download. He has enabled the wi-fi capabilities of his camera using an app and plans to continue to experiment with live streaming the camera while in the classroom.  Dan found this “Tip #6 GoPro” video was the most helpful. He can use it to demonstrate another viewpoint of phenomenon in his classroom.

Dean Baird, Rio Americano High School

Dean shared his string machine based on this Exploratorium Snack and how he adapted it this year using a Genecon hand crank generator. Rather than adjusting a potentiometer Dean is able to crank the Genecon and adjust his speed to produce standing waves. (video to come)

Bernard Cleyet, retired

Bernard shared how he determined the delay of coax cable using a pulse and an oscilloscope. He shared his experimental apparatus that will pulse and then again with a reflection.

Peng Yav, Ann Subrant High ScChool and IISME

Peng shared IISME’s summer program and encouraged Physics teachers to apply this year to fill a large need for Physics teachers. Teachers are compensated and more information is available here.

Peng also showed a paper rocket made of a tea bag that he shows students during Thermodynamics. An empty tea bag that is ignited will rise on its own convection currents.

Ron Q, Rallston Middle School

Ron asked students to find an object that weighs about 1Newton and found that the easiest thing to find is an average apple. He also asks students to hold themselves up on their lab tables by placing their two hands on the table. The force they feel in their palms is equal to their normal force. He discusses the air pressure on Earth (14 lbs per square inch) and has students start clapping one row at a time to demonstrate its increase.

Pablo Robinson, Retired, RockStar Science

Pablo shared that Lick Observatory faces closure in a few years unless it raises more money because of UC budget cuts. Alex Fillippenko of UC Berkeley is advocating for fundraising for the Save Lick campaign.

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