App Share-a-thon from AAPT in Minneapolis

apps presented at Share-a-thon

The following links are in the order they were presented.

Error Calc screenshot
Error Calc screenshot from an iPhone
  • Tom Huber. Personal iPhone app; ErrorCalc website
  • Frequency Meter Pro; Analyzes frequency of sounds ($1.99 iOS, $3.66 Android)
  • Decibal 10th (decibal meter) (Free)
  • Ripple Tank (Free and $5.99 versions)
  • Sensor Log; accesses and displays all iPhone/pad sensors; can record data as .csv that can easily be analyzed in a spreadsheet. App allows for higher frequency than device actually collects, so be careful that you’re not collecting “junk” between phone collections. (iOS and Android versions available)
  • SensorSense (Android version)
  • Physics Toolbox
  • V scope 3 in 1 Oscilloscope; spectrum analyzer; numerical readout of peak of spectrum; also signal generator. $9.99
  • Air Sketch; Whiteboard that saves in PDF; allows for projecting through another computer hooked up to projector (Free or $9.99)
  • Sensor Data; Can share sensor data with other devices via IP address; $8.99
  • Texas Instruments Sensor Tag (sensors that are in phones, they want developers to write apps). Bluetooth sensor $25. You can throw it around and not worry about damaging your phone. Apps are free: iOS version or Android version.
  • SpectraSnapp screenshot
    SpectraSnapp home screen

    APS Spectra Snap; Build a spectrometer, shows the spectra; free.

  • VCalc; vector calculations, uses RPN; free.
  • Matt Blackman’s persoal app Action Graphing, a game to get students excited about graphing. Flash version is online, iPad app store in September 2014
  • Atom in a Box; Shows the Hydrogen atom with wave function, graph, etc. (HD version $4.99, for iPad, or iPhone version, $9.99)
accelerometer screenshot
Physics Toolbox Accelerometer

Thanks to all those who presented

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