AAPT High School Physics Teacher Camp this summer

If you’re a high school teacher looking to collaborate with other physics teachers with an open agenda, you may want to attend AAPT this summer. Kelly O’Shea is one of the organizers, and here’s her review of it:

“How great would it be to have a day at AAPT that was designed to be totally collaborative and interactive? Where you could decide on that day what you were excited to share with other high school physics teachers? Where you had time and space to work together on a new idea?
Physics Teacher Camp image
Pretty great, right? Yes, amazingly great. And how about if it only cost $20 to attend? And if that included food for breakfast and lunch?”

The Camp is scheduled for Sunday, July 26, 2015, at the AAPT National Meeting in College Park, MD. (Note: The $20 registration is just for the camp; if you wish to attend the AAPT National Meeting, and who wouldn’t if you’ve traveled across the continent, you will need to register for that for an additional cost.)

For more details, and to register, see Kelly’s blog: https://kellyoshea.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/aapt-high-school-physics-teacher-camp/

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