Web site discussing California High School Physics Standards

This is to announce a new web page that might be of interest to California High School Physics teachers. This page considers each of the High School Physics Standards individually, with a discussion of content, demonstrations, activities, misconceptions, etc., that might be of assistance to a new physics teacher. The page was created after a careful reading of the California Science Framework but rather than just discussing physics content, it also includes suggestions on how to teach the particular Standard. Every Standard is considered individually but also, every effort has been made to make the discussion brief.

The URL is: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/HighSchoolPhysics (The upper case in HighSchoolPhysics is necessary as well as the lack of spaces.)

The format of the page is to place each of the 5 Physics Standard Sets into a PDF package and each individual standard as a MS Word document. This means you can download the MS Word documents and revise them as you wish but the PDF document is not so easily altered. This and other details are explained in the introduction to the web page and the Table of Contents has the links to all of the PDF and MSWord documents.

Let me know if you see obvious mistakes or needs for improvement. I plan to add links specific to each Standard as I gather ideas from others in the physics teaching community.

I hope this effort will be useful so someone.


Bill Layton layton@physics.ucla.edu

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