NCNAAPT Spring Meeting: American River College: April 16-17, 2010

April 16, 2010; Friday Evening Social

Technical Aspects of the “World’s Fastest” Aircraft: SR-71 (Blackbird)

Gerry Glasser

7:00 PM – American River College, Room 306

Jerry was an instructor pilot with 900 hrs on the SR-71. He now teaches at Jesuit High School. Presentation starts with the development of the aircraft, the Soviet response, crew requirements, and those “secret questions” that are no longer secret.

Soft drinks and cookies provided

RSVP to Chuck Hunt would be appreciated to let Jerry know how many info packets to bring.; phone: (916)484-8342

April 17, 2010, Saturday

Oldie But Goodie Demonstrations

The theme of this meeting is demonstrations we all know and love — because we don’t all know them. So bring a few favorite demos to share. You’ll have 15 minutes total for set-up, take-down and doing the demos and explaining how you use them. But don’t worry that everyone may have seen them before; everyone will find something to take away. We’ll run at least two tracks in the afternoon:

  1. Quick & dirty (Quick and Fun!) demos
  2. Video clips & computer bits

You may bring your own demo equipment, or ask, we have a lot of stuff. For track 2, there will be full projection set-up for Mac and for PC (including computer if you want it) that can also project DVD or VHS.

The goal is to give everyone a lot of ideas to take away. For demos, please send Chuck Hunt a description of your demos along with any AV or equipment requests, preferably by email at: . He will compile all the demos into a NCNAAPT Demonstration Book for all attendees to have. For video clips & computer bits, please either have a site where the material is available or bring it on flash drive or DVD. We will set up a copy station and do DVDs of all submitted material for anyone who wants it. In either case, let Chuck know what you are doing so he can organize the tracks and minimize duplication.

Deadline for submission is Friday, March 26, 2010.

If you haven’t given a presentation at a conference before, this is a great time to start!


Morning Session: American River College, Room 420

8:00 Registration, Coffee, Donuts, and other culinary delights (outside Room 420)

9:00 Welcome and Announcements

9:15 Show and Tell

Share your favorite demonstration or teaching tip. Handouts appreciated – bring 75 copies. Time limit of 5 minutes per person or you risk the dreaded Gong!

10:15 Break

10:30 Invited Speaker: Dr. Bill Reay; Ohio State University

Clickers in the Classroom – A Research-Based Approach

Based on the hypothesis that learning is context dependent, a new Clicker methodology has been developed that uses question sequences rather than individual questions. Each question in a sequence has the same underlying concept, but with different surface features. Sequences sufficient to cover a year of introductory physics have been created, validated, used at several schools, and evaluated at The Ohio State University for learning gains. The audience will use clickers to answer a couple of sequences and experience first-hand the advantages of this approach. Then, the 4-year development process will be summarized, with emphasis on the importance of student interviews. After the presentation, interested individuals will be able to obtain free CDs containing all question sequences and relevant publications.

11:30 Invited Speaker: Ken Crawford; President: Advanced Imaging Conference, Inc.

The Universe from my Backyard

Ken is one of the leading amateur astrophotographers in the world. If you read ASTRONOMY magazine, you will have seen his spectacular photographs. See examples of his work and hear how he does it.

12:15 Lunch – ARC Catering

(Outside Room 420)

12:30-2:00 ARC Demo Tours

Rooms 305, 306, 307

1:30 Business Meeting, Raffle

Room 420

2:00-? 15 Minute Demonstrations

A carousel of demonstrations, videos, and computer bits: See our web site after April 1st for a list of presentations that members will be presenting. These rooms are next to one another so you can move between them as your desires lead you.

Room 307 – Video Clips & Computer Bits

Room 306 – Quick & Dirty (Quick and Fun!) Demos

Room 305 – Contributed Papers

See complete list of afternoon presentations here.

Registration information

Registration is free for first-time attendees and students!

The rest of us pay only $25–which includes a lunch. A bargain at twice the price! Lunch tickets for first time attendees and students will be available for $15). Please RSVP to Chuck Hunt if you will probably attend so we know how many lunches are required. Vegetarian option available.

We will have ‘proof of attendance’ letters documenting attendance for any teacher who needs one for their district/credential professional development purposes.


There are three hotels nearby: Motel 6 ($50), La Quinta Inn ($55-75), and Holiday Inn ($99-133). See map below for locations and directions

Driving Directions:

  • From Interstate 80, just north of Sacramento, exit east on Madison Avenue.
  • At the third signal, turn right onto College Oak Drive.
  • At the second light turn left onto Myrtle Avenue. ARC parking lots will be on your right.
  • Turn into the 4th entrance to parking lots A/B.

Park at the south end of the lot on the left (lot A) in front of the brick buildings in the AAPT marked area. Follow the signs to Room 306 for the Friday Night Social or to Room 420 on Saturday morning. No parking pass is required if you park in the AAPT area.

View ARC Accomodations in a larger map

Local Host: Chuck Hunt


phone: (916)484-8342

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