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Fall 2011 Conference at UC Berkeley

  Join us the first weekend in November at UC Berkeley for a day and a half of physics education. Friday evening, November 4th Social and Lecture Demo Show 5:30 No-Host Dinner at Chianlai Thai Cuisine, 2505 Hearst St. 6:30 Welcome Gathering and Social 7:30 Lecture Demo Sho Saturday, November 5 Program 8:00 Registration, coffee, donuts 9:00 Welcome 9:15 Show and Tell 10:15 Break 10:30 “Physics for Future Presidents — A new approach for the non-science student.” Invited speaker: Richard Muller, Professor of Physics, U.C. Berkeley, Faculty Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 11:30 Group photo 11:45 Lunch 12:45 Business…

What’s going on here: Poly Density Kit

A new feature on our web site will be a “What’s going on here?” post. Each month we’ll post an interesting question or device, and ask our members to make comments. The first person with the right answer gets bragging rights (or the voice of our web weaver, Lee Trampleasure, on your home answering machine if you’re a fan of “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”). July 2010: Poly Density Kit Educational Innovations sells a “Poly Density Kit” shown in the video below: First the bottle is shaken, and all the beads mix uniformly. After the shaking stops, the blue beads…

LCROSS lunar impact videos and images on the web

Here’s a video: a mid-infrared (MIR) image showing the flash of the Centaur impact: and an image of an even larger impact we performed  about 40 years ago: the Apollo 14 booster stage for calibrating Apollo 12’s seismometers: And NASA’s LCROSS page:

Jupiter pummeled, leaving bruise the size of the Pacific Ocean

By Robert Sanders, UCB Media Relations | 21 July 2009 Complete article here: The scar from the probable impact appeared July 19 in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere, and has grown to a size greater than the extent of the Pacific Ocean. This infrared image taken with Keck II on July 20 shows the new feature observed on Jupiter and its relative size compared to Earth. (Paul Kalas ,UCB; Michael Fitzgerald, LLNL/UCLA; Franck Marchis, SETI Institute/UCB; James Graham, UCB) BERKELEY — Something slammed into Jupiter in the last few days, creating a dark bruise about the size of the Pacific Ocean.…